Steeping Your eJuice


What is "STEEPING"?

It’s simple; “Steeping” is another word for “Ageing” or “Maturing” .

Why do I need to "STEEP" my eJuice?

Here at The eJuice Factory, we custom blend your eJuice fresh the day you order them. This is the process of mixing flavors and bases to achieve the final eJuice product. Like fine wine, the flavors and bases need time to mix, oxidize, & rest to combine into a wonderful flavor. The resting (steeping) process allows oxidation to take place in the compounds that are in a state that will react to the introduction of oxygen and let the flavor molecules mix resulting in a “Full Flavor Achievement”. (Your Premium eJuice)

How long do I "STEEP" my eJuice?

Here at The eJuice Factory, we have tested each flavor we sell. In the flavor description you’ll find that we post a recommended steeping time for that particular flavor. For the most part, each flavor is different.

How do I "STEEP" my eJuice?

Simple, Natural Time! We highly recommend letting “Nature Take Its Course”. In 3 easy steps you can achieve the steeping process naturally. Example: If a flavor is recommended to “steep” for 2 weeks, you would

1.) Place your freshly made eJuice in a cool dark area (like a closet or a dresser drawer) for the 2 weeks.

2.) Vigorously shake the bottle 1 – 2 times a day during the steeping process.

3.) Let fresh air into your bottle once a week for approximately 4hrs during the steeping process. This will allow fresh oxygen/air into the bottle assisting the oxidation process. To let air in the bottle, simply remove the cap and dripper tip off the bottle after 4hrs replace the caps. (repeat once a week during the steeping process) NOTE: Your eJuice steep time starts the day it was shipped (travel time during shipping in counted in your steep time.

What if I DON'T "STEEP" my eJuice as recomemded?

You will not achieve the tasty full flavor benefits of the Premium eJuice you just purchased.

Do you offer the Ultrasonic Steeping Service to speed up steeping?

Yes, we offer Ultrasonic steeping for the low low price of $5 per order. No matter if you have 1 bottle or 300 bottles of eJuice in your order, we'll Ultrasoic Steep them for just $5.00 (you can purchase the ultrasonic steeping service on our website) Simply add it to the cart.

What is Ultrasonic Steeping?

The Ultrasonic method is a very efficient way to steep your juice. It combines Vibration from ultrasonic frequency, pulses of energy, and a warm water bath all at one time. It's done for 3-4 hrs in a high efficiency commercial grade Ultrasonic machine. The testing on this method have been very encouraging, the ultrasonic bath can reduce 2 weeks off the recommended steeping time. Most eJuice websites and vape shops that make fresh eJuice offer there customers Ultrasonic steeping services for a fee ranging from $10 - $15. At The eJuice Factory we charge $5.00 for Ultrasonic Steeping for the entire order. Other then the Natural Time method, the Ultrasonic Steeping method of steeping is highly recommended.

Is there a way to "SPEED STEEP" the eJuice myself?

Yes. Below are some customer invented methods of Speed Steeping. These methods have been conducted/used by thousands of eJuice buyers across the United States. We will list the top 3 below

The Hot Rice Method

You’ll need: a microwaveable bowl, enough dry rice grains to fill the bowl, and access to a microwave.

1. Put enough rice in the bowl so that it’ll cover your e juice bottles (but don’t put your e juice in there yet).

2. Warm up the rice in the microwave. The rice should be hot, but not skin melting hot. 3. Bury the e juice bottles in the rice. Once the rice cools down, remove the bottles and repeat the process until your juice tastes yummy.

The Crock Pot Method

You’ll need: a crock pot and a plastic bag. Optional materials: a bowl.

1. Fill up your crock pot with water. Optional: Fill a bowl with water and put the bowl in the crock pot.

2. Put your juice in a plastic bag – double bag if you’re feeling frisky.

3. Place the juice in the crock pot (or in the bowl in the crock pot – crock-ception).

4. Turn your crock pot on the LOWEST setting, it’s most likely labeled warm. 5. Check on your e juices every few hours and keep them in the crock pot until they’ve reached optimal deliciousness.

Hot Tap Water Method

You’ll need: a water proof plastic bag or two and a cup/bowl.

1. Turn on the hot water tap and wait for it to get hot. If your hot water isn’t regulated, don’t let it get to skin melting temperature.

2. Put your e juice in the waterproof plastic baggie. 

3. Put the plastic bag of e juice in the cup/bowl of hot water, and let it sit until the water cools down.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you’re happy with the results