Our Quit Smoking Program


Do you want to quit smoking cigarettes?


This tutorial is designed and dedicated for the new beginner to assist in stop smoking cigarettes.


If you’re serious about quitting cigarettes this may be the single most important page you have ever read.



Let’s face it; quitting smoking has always been a next to impossible task for most of us who’ve tried. We’ve tried the gums, patches, hypnotism, the pill, and many more with little to no success.


Here at The eJuice Factory we’ve helped thousands of people quit smoking totally in just a few weeks! We’ve personally monitored the process with selected customers for over 2 years now giving us successful data to create our unique “stop smoking program” that has a 85% success rate for our customers who follow our advice and easy steps. It might take 10min to read this page however, This Page Can Save Your Life!!


STEP 1: (getting the tools I need to quit smoking)

A: The first thing you need is the desire to quit. If you’ve found your way to this page you more then likely have the desire to stop. The first and most important thing you’ll need is a “Vape Pen Kit” also known as an ecig or electronic cigarette. The kits can be purchased for as little as $33.00 - $49.00 in our “E-cigarettes Category” in our online store. We strongly urge you to select the “Complete Kit” over the “standard kit” as the “complete kit” offers a better variety of items including a variable voltage battery to make your vaping flavors more tasty and gives you more control of the overall vaping experience.


B: Now that you have selected your kit, it’s time to select an eJuice. The eJuice Factory has many tasty flavors However, if you’re new to vaping and attempting to quit cigarettes, the selection of flavor step is a crucial step that many new customers have chosen wrong in the past by selecting a candy, beverage or tasty bakery flavors as there choice of eJuice flavors. Let me explain why that’s wrong. You’ve smoke for x amount of years and have become addicted to “cigarettes”. Let’s face it, you enjoy and depend on that taste of a cigarette after all the years of smoking. By choosing let’s say for example: a “cotton candy flavor” as your eJuice selection. Our personal data shows that 79% of customers who select there first time eJuice as a “tasty flavor” give up in less then 1 week and stay smoking cigarettes. We strongly advise you to select our natural tobacco eJuice to start out with. Your goal is to substitute the cigarette with a relic of the cigarette taste and satisfaction. In short, You cant substitute the flavor a cigarette with cotton candy. With that said, The eJuice Factory has you covered with all your favorite brand name cigarette flavors. Lights, menthol, and full flavored. Unlike the other eJuice stores, our tobacco flavors are 100% natural, NOT synthetic or artificial.


C: I’ve selected my Natural Tobacco flavored eJuice, how do I determine my PG/VG and nicotine levels?

First, for the new customer we strongly advise you to select a 50/50 PG/VG mixture. It’s an industry standard and customers enjoy it. PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) are base mixes added to your natural tobacco flavors. Ok, I’ve selected a 50/50 PG/VG mixture now how do I determine my nicotine level? To determine your nicotine strength use the chart below.


First, What do the numbers in Nicotine eLiquid (e.g. 0mg, 12mg, 18mg) mean?

The number represents the amount ("Strength") of nicotine in milligrams (mg) for each millilitre (ml) of E-Juice / E-Liquid. The proper format is mg/ml, but commonly only the mg part is written. Some others choose the percentage (%) based format, such as 1.8% instead of 18mg/ml. A 10 milli-litre (ml) bottle with 12mg Nicotine strength will have a total of 120 milligrams (mg) Nicotine. Each milli-liter of eLiquid is equal to about 20 drops. That means, there would be ~0.6mg of nicotine per drop (12mg divided between 20 drops; 12mg/20). So, if you 10 drops of e-liquid in your e-cigarette, you will be consuming about 6.0mg of nicotine if you vape away those five drops.


Select your level of Nicotine from the chart below….


0mg/0% It’s nicotine-free. Designed for people who want no nicotine at all in there eJuice.


6mg/0.6%     Nicotine aka "Light" or "Ultra Light" level

It’s typically used by those who do not want much nicotine but want just a hint of it. Most commonly selected by the less then a pack a day smokers.


12mg/1.2%   Nicotine aka "Medium" or "Medium-Light" level

This is typically for those who smoked "light" cigarettes. Most commonly selected by the ½ a packs per day - 1 pack a day smokers. 


18mg/1.8%     Nicotine aka "High" or “Regular High” level

This is typically for those who smoked "Regular – Red Box type" cigarettes. For the regular to heavy smokers. It delivers a good amount of nicotine in each vape. Most commonly select by the pack a day to 1-1/2 packs per day smoker.


24mg/2.4%     Nicotine  aka "Extra High" level
This is a higher nicotine strength and more caution is required when picking this strength. This is usually used by former smokers experienced with electronic cigarettes. For current heavy smokers, and the 2 packs or more per day smokers. We strongly suggest you start at 18mg and then decide if you want to go higher or lower on Nicotine strength before selecting 24mg.


D: Now that you have or have ordered your new vapor kit and eJuice. It’s time to read the instructions and set it up. Your vape kit will come with instructions of use. However, it’s highly recommended that you learn as much as you can about the kit you bought. For this, we recommend watching youtube videos to familiarize yourself with the use of your new vape pen. Since we only use 2 kits it’s easy to search youtube for the kit you purchased.


The eGo C Twist 1100mah Kit with MT3 atomizer. (our complete kit)

The eGo T 1100mah kit with MT3 atomizer. (our standard kit)




You have now completed step 1.

Let’s summarize, you’ve selected and purchased a Vape Kit and eJuice with all the perfect levels. You have set up and familiarized yourself with the operations of the kit. Let’s move on. (The hard parts over now that you have purchased everything you need and have become familiar with them.)


STEP 2: (Start vaping and quit smoking)

It’s very important to control your vaping and cigarette use for the first week by coming up with a system to assist you in cutting out the cigarette. Lets face it, your going to continue to smoke cigarettes in the first weeks of vaping and that’s normal. To assist you we have came up with a daily routine that will assist in cutting back on the cigarettes.


You must control the access of your cigarettes. If you keep a pack on your person you’re Never going to quit. At this time the smoker must give up the pack. In doing so, the most effective way we have found is simply distributing a few cigarettes throughout your contact reach for the day. Based on a single day you should keep only a few cigarettes in the car, a few in the bedroom, and a few at work or the house (if you’re a stay home person) Then give the pack to someone until the next day.



1.)    The most important cigarette to the smoker seems to be that “Morning Cigarette”. It’s ok, get your morning cigarette in. Then go straight to the vape pen after that for your need for a cigarette. You’ll notice by now our nature tobacco eJuice taste all most exactly like your real cigarette (minus the 4000 nasty chemicals) so it’s enjoyable and makes the substitution for the cigarette a pleasurable and satisfying one. Continue with your morning utilizing the vape pen for your cigarette need.


2.)    Now your drive to work. Some will find that the entire drive to work there was no need for a cigarette as they were satisfied with the vape pen. However, on that stressed out moment and your in need, you remembered you put a few in the glove box. Now you made it to work. This is the best time to utilize the vape pen for the next 8hrs at work. Once aging you’ll notice the vape pen is working to satisfy the need for a cigarette.


3.)    Works over and your on the drive home. Some will continue to use the vape pen on the ride home as it’s getting more comfortable while others might want 1 cigarette on the way home.


You’ll notice the day is ½ over and you only had 3 cigarettes at the most! This is because you controlled the access of your cigarette and the vape pen is doing its job. The more you can control access the faster you’ll stop. This is your first key to quitting. Now continue with the other half of your day doing the same thing in controlling the access and utilizing your vape pen. It seems the most desired times for a cigarette during the day is the morning cigarette, the drive to work & back, after dinner, and before bedtime. Tip: as each day goes by try to cut back on the amount of cigarettes you put to the side as your limited access stash. Keep going to the vape pen!


Ok, it’s been a week. You followed are daily routine, and WOW you just noticed you smoked only 1 pack of cigarettes all week! For the most part it get’s easier. Control the access!



Well your definitely out of cigarettes what do you do?For most, the cravings for a cigarette have diminished substantially and for a small percentage totally. Most still need a few around for week 2. Our studies show that 82% of our customers purchased another pack of cigarettes for week 2 (and that’s ok). Continue to control the access and force yourself to limit the amount you put in your stash spots less each time. It’s important to continue to give the pack to a family member after you put aside your stash. Never keep the pack on hand!



By now 75% of our customers have very little cravings for a cigarette and the pen is satisfying there needs. It’s important for the 75% to stop buying cigarettes in week 3. For the other 25% repeat week 2 process. We’ve found in week 3 that 98% of our customers are very receptive to the vape pen and it’s overall performance. Continue to control the access.



This is a big turning point for most customers. In week 4 many users will notice that the nature tobacco eJuice tastes a lot better then a real cigarette. Why is this? It’s a fact; your taste buds were destroyed from smoking. After 4 weeks you’re noticing your taste buds are rebuilding themselves and things taste better. 90% of our customers notice they no longer like the taste of a real cigarette. We recommend at this point all users stop buying cigarettes completely. It’s very important to see how far you have come in only 4 weeks and you should be proud of yourself. 80% of our customers quit buying cigarettes in weeks 4-5. Stop buying and if you absolutely need another pack remember continue to control the access.



Our studies show in week 5 an amazing 45% of our customers stopped smoking cigarettes all together. The remaining smoke a pack or less per week. At this time were going to evaluate your next steps…


STEP 3: (The evaluation of were you’re at and what to do next)

After week 5 we strongly suggest to drop your level of nicotine usage your currently at and order a fresh new batch with a lower level of nicotine. Example: if you were vaping 18mg of nicotine in your eJuice it’s time to drop to 12mg of nicotine. If you were vaping 12mg it’s time to drop to 6mg etc. Our research shows that if you were vaping 6mg to start out with, 80% dropped down to a 0mg (no nicotine) eJuice. 20% continued to vape at 6mg. Also, after week 5 52% of our customer ordered a flavored eJuice (non tobacco related).


On this new order, we recommend you to give a try to one of our flavored eJuice’s. Just give it a try. This will give you a tasty alternative to a tobacco flavor. Your goal is to continue the path of no cigarettes and it makes sense to get rid of the flavor of cigarettes. However, our study’s show that 35% of our customers simply love the flavor of our tobacco eJuice and continue to use it.



By now, if you listened and did everything we suggested to this point, you have totally stopped smoking (or your very close) It’s week 6 I’ve ordered new flavor with the appropriate nicotine level drop. What do I do now? Continue to not by cigarettes. Your body is rebuilding itself from no cigarette use. You’ll find you have become more energetic and you feel much healthier. People have noticed you stopped smoking. You senses of taste and smell are back. Use these things you’ve accomplished to motivate you to continue your path of a non-smoker.


For the few of you who still occasionally smoke a few cigarettes we suggest you simply continue on the above steps and you will quite. Keep going to the vape pen. For some people it simply takes a few more weeks. Remember to simply control the access.



In WEEKS 7 & 8 were simply doing the normal things we went over in the above steps to continue not to smoke. Don’t buy cigarettes. Keep your pen on hand at all times. It gets easier as you have set forth a simple program and you’re sticking to it. Try new flavors. As we approach week 9 we suggest another nicotine level drop. Example: if your at 12mg go to 6mg If at any time you feel the nicotine level drop is not working simply go back to the comfortable level for a little longer. Your goal is to reach 0% nicotine so the drops are totally necessary. We suggest a nicotine lever drop at least 1 level a month. Each person is a little different.


The program above are steps personally designed by The eJuice Factory to assist in quitting cigarettes. After 2 long years of personally monitoring our customers and collecting the data, comments, suggestions, and overall conclusions. Were proud to report that 85% of customers who followed our steps no longer smoke cigarettes. 10% smoke a few a day or less. 5% found that vaping was not for them and continue smoking. If you ever have questions please feel free to contact us. We care and want you to stop smoking. Were not just a business, were family to our customers.


Thank you and good luck!

The eJuice Factory